Website & Pricing Updates

Lots of new Website Updates!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to support me over the last year! From those who interracted with my shop on social media, to those who actually made purchases – you all helped make Something Squishy’s first year (9 months technically) awesome!

And thank you for your patience while I redid my website over and over. This is, hopefully, the final time I’m going to gut the thing and it should be much faster than it was before. 

Stuff to look out for in the website

There’s some updated info on commissioning custom toy designs (not custom colors – full custom designs)! How many jobs I take is largely dependent on my schedule, but freelance modeling has been one of my primary sources of income for the last 5+ years, so now SST can get a slice of that pie. (I also take jobs for non dildo related things depending on what they are. Just probably not cosplay armor… I’ve done too much cosplay armor -_-‘)

I updated the toy gallery

Custom listings have been gutted & streamlined. AND there’s new options offered for colors (more on that below).

The new custom color options I mentioned

There’s some more info available in this post but the TLDR version is there’s some more color options in the custom listings that are slightly discounted but don’t offer complimentary repours. 

For folks who are fans of the abalone and rainbow stuff I’ve been doing, those are now color options you can choose instead of having to guess at what colors I used. 

Reduced Prices

I’ve also recently streamlined the processes for product photography and listings, so I was able to reduce the rates on some of the items in my shop including all squishies, minis, eggs, small dildos, plugs and some other stuff. 

Eventually I’ll also be adding some more pack options for things like minis that people often buy multiples of. 

Also incase anyone didn’t notice it, there’s a heavily discount listing for a pack of assorted squids that’s been around for a bit. 

Cursed Projects

I mentioned on Twitter having some cursed projects in the works. They’re still going… I destroyed the mold and master for one of them, so I need to reprint, but let’s just say if you’re looking for some really weird anal beads, you’ll like both projects… Or not… Only time will tell. 

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