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5/20 Drop, Floppy Banana & Other News

5/22/20 Drop, Floppy Banana & Other news Info for drop on 5/20/22 at 8:30 pm EST In an effort to prevent my website from catching fire, I will be putting the shop pages into maintenance mode ~20 minutes before the drop happens and then taking the shop pages out of maintenance mode at the scheduled time of the drop. As an experiment, the other pages of the website *should* be accessible during that time and I think I fixed the issue with maintenance mode not working. If the website gets slow because of user traffic, I might shut it down

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Near Clear 31 Info

There’s a New Clearer Silicone In Town!! The new clear silicone (Near Clear) has the same skin safe certification as the rest of the silicones I use! Below is a picture of a regular Eco30 ravioli and an example of the same colors, poured in the same way in a Near Clear pour (nc31). Noods are shown under (left to right) regular lighting, uv lighting, glow, back-lit. There are two firmnesses of the new silicone (0031 which I call ‘soft’ and 0045 which I call ‘medium’). Most data from this write-up is done from testing the soft version of the

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Pride Month 2021

Short sweet and to the point, I’m Ace (asexual) and a huge portion of my friends are in the LGBTQIA+ community. In honor of that, I’ll be doing another fundraiser this year for the following organizations that help the LGBTQ+ community. The Trevor Project, which provides crisis counseling for LGBTQ+ young people, as well as resources and other education to help prevent the risk of LGBTQ+ suicide Planned Parenthood, which provides comprehensive healthcare for everyone, but particularly communities that may not otherwise have access to it. The Attic Youth Center in Philadelphia, which aims to reduce the isolation often felt by

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Full Custom Toys vs. Partial Customs

Introducing ‘Color Paths’ on Custom Listings As of the new website update, custom listings are broken down into 2 categories – ‘full custom’ and ‘everything else’. These options are defined in the ‘color paths’ list.  The new options (‘Choose from pre-defined color combinations’ and ‘1-2 colors’ ) still offer some customization options, just not the full breath of my previous customization options – those are still available if you select ‘full custom’.  So what’s the difference?? Well listen up, here’s the story, About a little guy that lives in a blue world. And all day and all… Wait, no… That’s

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Website & Pricing Updates

Lots of new Website Updates! First of all, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to support me over the last year! From those who interracted with my shop on social media, to those who actually made purchases – you all helped make Something Squishy’s first year (9 months technically) awesome! And thank you for your patience while I redid my website over and over. This is, hopefully, the final time I’m going to gut the thing and it should be much faster than it was before.  Stuff to look out for in the website There’s some updated info

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