Covid Information

Edit 5/6/21: everyone in my household has been vaccinated, so going forward I’m planning on doing a combination of scheduled pickups and running large order batches to the post office myself. 

There may still be delays in the post due to volume, but I’m going to continue using USPS because I want to support them as an entity where possible. If your package is delayed feel free to reach out to me or contact USPS directly. 

Original Content (early 2020): 

As long as the post offices continue working, I will be making & shipping toys as usual.

There may be slight delays during shipping and in the post office picking up packages from me, but the actual toy production shouldn’t be delayed.

The most common delay is postal workers missing scheduled pickups (they pick up packages from the house instead of me physically going to the post office), but they normally come the day after. 

If your package qualifies for regular first class shipping, please consider sticking with that option to allow the postal workers to focus on the higher priority packages like medicine and other essentials.

There may also be instances where I run out of a particular silicone color and am temporarily unable to get more due to availability, but as of now I have lots of all the different colors I normally use.

I’m taking all reasonable precautions to ensure safety and cleanliness in these crazy times. With the exception of one trip to get more silicone, I don’t really leave the house (neither have my roommates). And let me tell you – the cats are loving the extra attention they’re getting from people being home all the time.