Custom Toys: How To

Please note that customs are currently open, but listings for full customs are down, so please reach out to discuss what you wanted. Thanks!

What are custom toys?

Toys where you can choose specific colors, glows, glitters & patterns instead of choosing from pre-mades!

I have listings for all current toy designs where you can choose the pattern, colors and glowiness of your toy!

Think of it like being able to choose your own ice cream flavors on that triple scoop instead of a pre-made flavor combination. 

Within each listing, there is the option to choose your ‘color path’. Here you can choose between a 1-2 color toy, a toy with pre defined color patterns I pour frequently (like abalone and rainbow) or a full custom toy. 

So you’ve ordered a custom toy. What next?

You have until I start pouring silicone to cancel your order, so if you change your mind, do it fast and let me know as soon as possible! If you want to cancel your custom order after I’ve already slung-silicone, I’ll refund you – a 20% restocking fee. (Refunds include shipping unless you have other outstanding items in an order).

Because there’s a certain element of randomness in pouring – I offer a pseudo-warranty in case you don’t like the way the toy turned out if you chose the ‘full custom’ color path!

Once I pour your full custom toy, I’ll send you pictures of the thing, at which point you can request 1 additional pour if you don’t like the way the first one turned out. After that, you can pick whichever one you like better, and I’ll list the other one as a WYSIWYG toy in my next drop. If you decide you hate both toys, you can request a refund as mentioned above (minus the 20% restocking fee).

Then I ship you something squishy!

If I don’t hear back from you for a week after I send pictures of the first pour, I’ll just go ahead and ship the toy out.

I want something SUPER custom!

If the options in my existing listing don’t offer what you were looking for, just reach out to me with whatever you had in mind via the Contact Page!

I reached a point with some of the listings where adding more options would just make them extremely over complicated, so for now, I’ve decided that direct-contact is the easiest way to deal with super-custom toys.

Feel free to reach out if you have any issues or confusion with the listings as well 🙂 

Two Types of Custom Listings

There are two generic types of listings – ‘simple’ and ‘fancy’. All are titled as ‘BUILD YOUR OWN: [Toy Model]’ and can be found here.

Simple Listings


These are toys with standard marbles, fades or solid colors. There is no customization on a per-model basis (like adding different flavor scoops to each icecream), but you can customize all the colors & patterns that appear on the toy as a whole.

What are the color options?
  •  You’ll be prompted to choose the number of vertical ‘sections’ in the model. Each of these will have customiseable colors & patterns later. 
  • You’ll then be prompted to pick a pour pattern for each section (single color, fade or marble).
    • Please note that if you like marbles with large, chunky patches of color, these will only be possible in a toy with a single section. Two or more sections will result in a more feathered effect in the marbling because of how the toys must be poured. 
  • After that, you can select up to 3 colors for each section, and add glow powder or glitter to the colors.
    • You can add as many glitters as you want and mix them together to make new effects. 
    • Technically you can do the same with glow powder, but I don’t really recommend it as it tends to muddy the effect of the powders themselves. 
    • Any glow powders listed in the Add-On section have a white base and can be mixed into any color of silicone without dramatically affecting the color, though it may not be as vibrant in darker or extremely opaque colors as light or clear colors.
  • There’s a prompt for ‘additional notes’. If you  are doing a fade and care about the color order, or want glow & glitter mixed into certain colors, list your preferences for all that stuff here. 
  • You also have the options to include drips, separate color bases & twist in the toy.
    • If a design has an obvious base (Hell Puffin or the Morel), I’ll start the colors there. Otherwise (Scaled Wave), I’ll use my discretion on where to start the new base color. 
    • Twist will only work with 2 or more vertical sections. If you put twist on a single section toy, I’ll just ignore the option. 

Fancy Listings

BUILD YOUR OWN: [Toy Model] – [Special/Realistic Pattern]

These listings are tailored to the specific toy and have additional customization options.

A good example is the ice-cream which offers a per-scoop color customization and the ability to create more realistic icecream colors. The Flan is similar as is allows different colored fruits and color combinations tailored to make a realistic looking dessert.

 Example: Ice Cream

Simple: 3 colors marble/faded together on all 4 scoops with another color for the cone. 

Fancy: First scoop is cookies & cream, the second is chocolate, the 3rd is black cherry with cherry chunks and the 4th is pistahio. There’s a grahm cracker cone and strawberry topping on the whole thing. 

 Example: Flan

Simple: You have a weird marbled flan with the same colors all over the whole thing

Fancy: You can customize the fruit color/type so they actually look like fruit, pick a sauce/topping and up to 3 types of custard for the main body. And you can make weird alient Flans too – I left the custom color pickers in as well.

The 'Color Path' Option

In each simple/generic custom listing (and maybe some pattern-specific customs) the first option after model, size and firmness selection is ‘color path’. 

This option defines how you create the rest of the toy and there are two main options which have one or two slight differences. 

 Full CustomEverything Else 
Pre-defined Colors1-2 Colors
CostMost ExpensiveMedium CostCheapest
How does it workDefine up to 3 vertical sections in your toy with up to 3 separate colors in each section. Select base color, drips, how the sections are divided and more.Select from commonly poured color combinations like rainbow, abalone or various flavors of ice-cream. There are limited customizations available in some of those options. Pick 1-2 colors for the whole toy. Limited customization beyond that.
Complimentary repour included?YesNoNo

The main difference (apart from cost) is that only ‘full custom’ toys are eligible for a complimentary repour. Everything else is sent out as soon as it’s poured without pictures being sent beforehand. 

There’s some more info in this post but the listing will basically take you through anything you need to know.