Custom Toys

There are a variety of custom listings available almost all the time including:

Full custom designs/shapeswe take your idea and turn it into a functional toy/squishy. More info here.
Dealer’s Choiceyou get a discount and I send you a totally random color toy in your preferred size/firmness
Guided Surpriseyou pick a few colors you like and I send you a random toy in your preferred size/firmness
Single Color Select whatever single color you want for your toy. It can also be a mix of different colors blended together to make a new color (like uv purple + metallic pink + green glow; idk what that would look like, but you could do it)
Made to OrderPre-defined model-specific colors in the size/firmness of your choosing (silver bolts, Neapolitan ice creams, green cacti, etc)
Patterning may vary slightly between pours, but these are usually ‘normal’ colors on my representational objects.
Pre-Defined Color CombosThere’s colors everyone likes (rainbows, pride flag colors, neopolitain, etc) that are available at any time in an easy drop down format so you don’t need to guess about what colors to choose.
Build Your OwnChoose whatever colors/patterning you want in your toys!
InclusionsNot available all the time. If you don’t see it listed, it’s not currently available.
Color Shift & Holo Only available in Near Clear to maximize the effect of these most expensive of pigments. Also not available all the time (if you don’t see it, it’s not currently available)

Most custom options (dealer’s choice, guided surprise, pre-defined colors and build your own) are available in the ‘Build Your Own’ Listings. Everything else typically has individual listings for the given product.

The custom forms for all the listings will guide you through the available options as you go through the form.

Custom FAQ

Can I Cancel a Custom Pour?

Same policy as canceling a regular order (see General Policies section above)

What if I don’t like how my custom turned out?

What is ‘Pour Preview’?

Want something the existing custom listing can’t handle?

Do you have tips on choosing colors and/or patterns?

Do you have tips on choosing colors and/or patterns?