The Basics

What is a pre-order

Pre-ordering is ordering a custom toy BEFORE the mold is completed. Regular policy for custom applies to pre-orders.

This ensures you’ll be one of the first to receive a particular toy, but opens the order up to production delays as the molds are made as well as unforeseen design quirks (like a toy not standing up in a particular firmness, etc)

How long does it take to ship pre-orders?

Anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on what stage of mold-making the toy was in when you pre-ordered and how many orders were placed before yours.

I want to order a pre-made item AND a pre-order

If you don’t mind waiting for ALL your items, you can place a single order.

If you want the pre-existing items first, place 2 orders – one for the pre-order and one for the pre-order/custom listings.

What if a design can't be completed?

I generally test at least 1 size of a toy before opening other sizes up for pre-order to ensure there are no issues with the design that need to be changed. In the event of some horrible catastrophic failure where I am unable to mold the model at all, I’ll issue a full refund for the affected pre-orders (including shipping if it was the only thing in the order).

Why would you do a pre-order?

TLDR: Because sometimes I won’t make a mold for a specific model/size until someone orders it. 

Molds are expensive to make and take up lots of space, so many times if I’m making a new design I’ll make one or two sizes and leave the rest of them as pre-order. This way, I don’t keep unnecessary molds lying around, but the listings are still available if you want a particular size.

My normal policy is I’ll make S-XL toy molds for free as requested, but if you want anything over an XL, it will require an additional mold fee as I wouldn’t normally go that large unless specifically requested. 

How can I track the status of a mold?

Twitter is probably the best bet/where I’m most active with updates. I might update the website occasionally as well. Otherwise I’ll just reach out with pictures once I’ve done the first pour in your order.

You’re also welcome to shoot me an email and I can let you know where the mold is in the production lineup.

Returns, Refunds, Etc.

When I refund pre-orders...

If I can’t make the toy, I’ll refund in full as mentioned above.

If the toy takes way longer than expected to get done and you’d like to cancel the order instead of waiting, I’ll do a refund minus a 5% restocking fee. Shipping is included in that refund unless other things were ordered in the same order.

...and when I don't.

If certain firmnesses of silicone have unexpected quirks in different sizes (like the toy won’t stand up on it’s own).

Example: You order a soft rainbow toy and receive a soft rainbow toy, but it won’t stand on it’s own there will be no refund because the toy was created as ordered.