BUILD YOUR OWN: Oversized D20s


Please note this listing is for a random color and firmness item. Customization is not available on these listings; if you want to guarantee specific colors or patterns, please see the Build Your Own listings.

Dice may have small bubbles on the 1 face because of how they’re molded. They’re also hand trimmed and some edges may be slightly uneven from the trimming process. These are not reasons I will consider these flops for these models.

Dice do not come inked. (but it is something I *might* look into in the future. Maybe.)

These models don’t play nicely with some of the traditional patterning. Ribboning on D20s tends to get a little smeared, hard marbles may appear similar to horizontal stripes in areas. Multi-section stuff isn’t necessarily advised as the pouring hole is physically small, but 2 sections are *probably* fine as long as you’re not making them all crazy fades and such.

Dice Inking Options

  • Ink My Dice! *

  • Do you want to pick the colors, or should I pick them? *

  • What should I prioritize? *

  • You can pick a single color, or multiple colors from the ‘Color Swatches’ page to mix together into a single color, or you can just write a custom color or put in a hex code and I’ll do my best to custom mix something to that shade. Glow is available for the numbers. If you want some kind of crazy custom inking job (multiple colors per dice or per number) please reach out prior to purchasing or have a backup solid color you’d be ok with. *

  • What (single) color do you want for all your numbers? *

Custom Options

Please note there is a collection of larger color swatches that can be found here:

  • What type of colors do you want? *

  • Some of the pre-defined colors come with specific ways they’ll be poured and the pour pattern cannot be selected. Options will hide/show accordingly. *

  • Pre-Defined Colors *

  • Pride Colors *

  • Rainbow Sheen * 

  • Pour Pattern *

  • Glow options will guarantee dealer’s choice glow is added to ‘Guided Surprise’ and ‘Pre Existing Color Combo’ toys. Normally I’ll choose glows that correspond to the colors in the rest of the pour. *

  • Please note that the color selections below are not guarantees, but I’ll do my best to honor them in the final pour. *

  • Write 1-3 color(s) you really like *

    Max: 50 characters

  • And 1-3 color you really hate *

    Max: 50 characters

  • Please Proceed to the ‘Firmness’ and ‘Section 1’ Options to continue with the custom form. *

  • ‘Sections’ are vertical divides in the toy (like the left being red and the right being black). More info can be found on the pages linked below in ‘Need help with your custom?’. *


  • Firmness *

  • INCLUSION POUR NOTES: Available in NC Soft only (medium was discontinued). Options for Near Clear silicone will be available once you select ‘inclusion’ from the color options. *

Section 1 Options

  • Toy Type (Backend Only) *

  • Has glow options? (backend only) *

  • Section Count (backend Only) *

  • Options only available for ‘pick your own color’ toys *

  • Here is more info on what sections are and the options available in this listing [ADD LINK] *

  • Color 1 *

  • Glow 1 *

  • Shimmer 1 *

  • Color 2 *

  • Glow 2 *

  • Shimmer 2 *

  • Color 3 *

  • Glow 3 *

  • Shimmer 3 *

  • Single section toys are allowed 5 colors; multi-section toys are allowed 3 colors per section. The following colors will be automatically removed if another section is added. *

  • Color 4 *

  • Glow 4 *

  • Shimmer 4 *

  • Color 5 *

  • Glow 5 *

  • Shimmer 5 *

Section 2 Options

  • Toy Type (backend only) *

  • Has glow options (backend only) *

  • Section Count (backend only) *

  • Options only available for ‘pick your own color’ toys *

  • Section 2, Color 1 *

  • Section 2, Glow 1 *

  • Section 2, Shimmer 1 *

  • Section 2, Color 2 *