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The tab at the bottom of the page has links that might help you choose your custom colors and a gallery of color swatches.

  • What type of colors do you want? *

  • Colors and patterning of Dealer’s Choice listings are entirely up to the shop. If you want more customization, please select one of the other options. They are discounted to make things more affordable. *

  • Please note that the color selections below are not guarantees, but I’ll do my best to honor them in the final pour. You don’t need to choose colors from the swatch page if you don’t want to or you can just write in an abstract prompt like ‘ocean’. *

  • Write 1-3 color(s) you really like *

    Max: 50 characters

  • And 1-3 color you really hate *

    Max: 50 characters

  • Some of the pre-defined colors come with specific ways they’ll be poured and the pour pattern cannot be selected. Options will hide/show accordingly. *

  • Inclusion Type *

  • Chip Color *

  • Ice Cream Color (Select UP TO 2 colors that will have chips mixed in) *

  • Swirl Color (To be stripped/drizzled into main ice cream color) *

  • Pre-Defined Colors *

  • Pride Colors *

  • Rainbow Sheen * 

  • Add additional color? * $2.00

  • Glow options will guarantee dealer’s choice glow is added to your toy. Normally I’ll choose glows that correspond to the colors in the rest of the pour unless requested othewise. *

  • Pour Pattern *

  • A list of all color swatches are linked in the tab at the bottom of all custom listings. *

    Color MatchingFeel free to write in custom colors (like ‘teal’) and I’ll do a random mix for you. I make no guarantees the color you get will be what was in your head.
    GlowGlow is included in the price; Just write in ” [regular color you want] + [color glow you want]”.
    Custom Color MixesIf you want me to combine multiple colors (not including color shifts), just write all the ones you want in the box (ex: Chameleon PRB + UV Purple + Gold Sparkle + red glow). I make absolutely 0 guarantees if your weird mix of colors doesn’t come out the way you want.
  • Color 1 *

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 2 *

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 3 * $3.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 4 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 5 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 6 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 7 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 8 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 9 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Color 10 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Pour Pattern Notes *

    FadeWill be done in the order of colors selected with Color 1 at the tip and Color 10 at the base. Fades may also contain some light ribboning (especially if poured with matte colors or firm silicone)
    Hard DividesIs just the toy being split into sections for each color from left to right. Outer colors are generally the most prominent while middle colors tend to be smaller strips. Hard divides on models with super narrow necks might get a little smeared.
    Horizontal StripesAre poured wet and won’t have perfectly crisp divides between colors. May also have drips on the side of the toy.
    Feathering / Hounds Tooth / Tie DyeAre all permutations of the same pour and may have some similarities between the styles. Houndstooth gets a little blurred sometimes on models with knots or curves but does awesome on things with straight sides or uniform taper.
    RibboningIs more prominent with contrasting colors. May be slightly ribboned or very ribboned – it’s kind of variable depending on colors/model/firmness. I’ll do my best to get contrasting ribbons where possible.
  • Pour Pattern (Main Shaft) *

  • Splatter background *

    Max: 30 characters

  • If you have more than 2-3 colors in the shaft, please describe any additional details I might need (like a hard divide with a 2 color fade on each side, etc) * 

  • Additional Shaft Details *

    Max: 200 characters

  • Adding Twist to the toy might not play nice with certain models (anything with mad curve) and can cause smearing on the edges. Where applicable I’ll make the twist more minimal along the curved area, then spiral it harder on the straighter parts to prevent said smears. *

  • Base Color 1 *

    Max: 30 characters

  • Base Color 2 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Base Color 3 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Base Pour Pattern *

  • Drips *

  • Drip Color 1 *

    Max: 30 characters

  • Drip Color 2 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Drip Color 3 * $5.00

    Max: 30 characters

  • Pattern (If choosing multiple Ice Cream Colors) *

  • Wash Color *

    Max: 30 characters

  • Shifty Color *

  • Back with another color? *


    Options will show/hide themselves depending on the pour style you’ve chosen. Mostly some things don’t play nice with near clear or firm so those options aren’t always available.
  • Firmness (Standard Options) *

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Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 6.6 × 6.6 × 7.6 cm

Small, Medium, Large

I have some resources made!

Gallery of all color swatches:

Gallery of different pour patterns:

Some thoughts on choosing colors:

Some thoughts on patterning:

If you have any more questions, or the custom form in the listing can’t handle what you were hoping for, feel free to reach out 🙂

Squishies are sold at a lower rate than regular toys intended for bodily use. They are still made of the same silicone and use the same pigments, but they won’t be flopped unless there is something extreme happening with them.

This means that squishies may have small bubbles, pigment clumps, etc in them that won’t be discounted or counted as a flop and won’t be eligible for refunds due to undisclosed flops after delivery. These will usually be be noted in the listing description on pre-made items and may show up in dealer’s choice items. Flaws won’t be anything dangerous or messy (like liquid pigment pockets)

Pear Egg
Total Height42mm / 1.7in56mm / 2.2in68mm / 2.7in
A – Avg. Diam.17mm / .7in26mm / 1in30mm / 1.2in
B – Avg. Diam.33mm / 1.3in44mm / 1.7in53mm / 1.7in
C – Avg. Diam.17mm / .7in26mm / 1in30mm / 1.2in
A – Circumference54mm / 2.1in82mm / 3.2in94mm / 3.7in
B – Circumference104mm / 4.1in138mm / 5.4in166mm / 6.6in
C – Circumference54mm / 2.1in82mm / 3.2in94mm / 3.7in