MADE TO ORDER: Skull Inclusions


Model selection can be done at the very bottom of this listing / after skull options.

All skull pours will be done in Near Clear 31 (Soft near clear).

More info on how to order custom inclusion toys can be found here (covers ordering multiple toys with inclusions, Obligate NC pours, time frame, additional customization, etc). Information on Near Clear can be found here

What’s included in this pour?

1+ skull (tan/natural coloring OR black and white (both pictured)) that glows by default and your choice of included gold OR black and white hounds tooth base (both pictured).

You can customize the skull and base colors for an additional fee

Skulls may also be prone to sinking; unless the effect is really extreme (you can’t see the face of the skull or something wild) this won’t be considered a flop and the toy will be sent out as usual.


  • Skulls have a flat back and may press up against the opposite side of the toy if they sink, so you will see that in the pour unless you back the skull with an alternate color to hide the effect.
  • Skulls are larger inclusions and may sink/settle slightly
  • Pours may only contain 1-2 skulls depending on the size of the item since the skulls are physically larger. Generally for things like squids there will only be a single skull in the toy.
  • I am activly redoing the molds for my skulls with updated designs (preview in last pic); once the designs are finalized I’ll add options to pick the expression into the listing. If you don’t mind a dealer’s choice skull feel free to order whenever, but if you want to choose, hang tight until those are done.

Eye Color Options

  • Included Skull Colors *

  • Highlight Color *

  • Highlight Glow *

  • Skull Background Color *

Background Color Options

Color options that apply to the clear portion of the toy and NOT the inclusions

  • Add smoke to background? *

  • Smoke Color *

Base Color Options

Options for the base color of the toy and NOT the inclusions within.

  • Add base color onto toy? *

  • Alternate Base Color (Max 2) *

  • Please note that adding a glow to the base color may result in it sinking towards the tip of the toy as it cures. This will be visible in Near Clear. *

  • Very Alternate Base Color, Glow (Max 2) *

  • Base Pour Pattern (if using multiple colors) *

Model & Size Info

  • Please note some of the sizes MAY be pre-orders. You can verify this either by reaching out to me prior to ordering, or finding the ‘BUILD YOUR OWN’ listing for the model in question, which will tell you what sizes are available immediately, and which are pre-orders. *

  • Product Type *

  • Some dildos come in multiple sizes, others only have one – select which you want to view. *

  • Dildo Models (Multi-Size) *

  • Dildo Models (Single Size) *

  • Dildo Size *

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  • Plug Size *

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  • Packer Size *

  • Squishy Models *

  • Generic Depth Toy Usable Length *

  • Nut & Bolt Size *

  • BACKEND ONLY Item Price *

  • BACKEND ONLY Cancel Item Price *

Skull Inclusion Costs

  • BACKEND ONLY Item Price *

  • BACKEND ONLY Cancel Item Price *

  • Skulls Inclusion Cost *

  • NC Medium has been discontinued in this shop, so this is only offered in NC Soft currently. *

  • Near Clear Soft (00-31) *

Product total

Options total

Grand total

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

I have some resources made!

Gallery of all color swatches:

Gallery of different pour patterns:

Some thoughts on choosing colors:

Some thoughts on patterning:

If you have any more questions, or the custom form in the listing can’t handle what you were hoping for, feel free to reach out 🙂

Squishies are sold at a lower rate than regular toys intended for bodily use. They are still made of the same silicone and use the same pigments, but they won’t be flopped unless there is something extreme happening with them.

This means that squishies may have small bubbles, pigment clumps, etc in them that won’t be discounted or counted as a flop and won’t be eligible for refunds due to undisclosed flops after delivery. These will usually be be noted in the listing description on pre-made items and may show up in dealer’s choice items. Flaws won’t be anything dangerous or messy (like liquid pigment pockets)