Pre-Existing Dealer’s Choice Squishies, Model Specific- Discounted!


Some of these are fancy inclusion or color-shifty ones I hard-core don’t feel like relisting. No guarantees you’ll get one of the fancies, but I have a lot for things like the sushis.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm

Vulva, Ravioli, Trilobite, Heart, Sushi – Salmon, Sushi – Shrimp, Sushi – Eel, Sushi- Crab, SushiEgg, Bird, Bread, Gummy Bear, Bread, ShroomStache

Squishies are sold at a lower rate than regular toys intended for bodily use. They are still made of the same silicone and use the same pigments, but they won’t be flopped unless there is something extreme happening with them.

This means that squishies may have small bubbles, pigment clumps, etc in them that won’t be discounted or counted as a flop and won’t be eligible for refunds due to undisclosed flops after delivery. These will usually be be noted in the listing description on pre-made items and may show up in dealer’s choice items. Flaws won’t be anything dangerous or messy (like liquid pigment pockets)