Pre-Existing MTO: Nut and/or Bolt


This is just a generic silver nut and/or bolt. (light ones in the listing pic)

This listing is for either a single nut, or a single bolt, or one of each. Sizes of each can be mis-matched, but please note that only nuts and bolts of corresponding sizes (small & small or medium & medium) will have threads that work with the other piece.

Buying both a nut & bolt at the same time (with the same color scheme) results in a $5 discount over the price of the individual pieces. Prices for this are built into the listing.

This is the same thing as the MTO listing, I’m just trying to refresh the inventory so I’m specifically listing the stash of already-made made to orders 😛 These ship a little bit quicker and are eligible for sales on pre-made items.

Additional information

Weight 8.2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 8.5 × 17.1 cm

Medium Size, Medium Firmness, Large, Medium Firmness, X-Large, Medium Firmness

Nut & Bolt
Bolt Height112mm / 4.4in136mm / 5.4in157mm / 6.2in180mm / 9.1in
Bolt Usable Height92mm / 3.6in111mm / 4.4in130mm / 4.4in150mm / 6in
A — Bolt Diam. (No Threads) 29mm / 1.1in33mm / 1.3in40mm / 1.6in46mm / 1.8in
B — Bolt Diam. (Threads)34mm / 1.3in41mm / 1.6in48mm / 1.9in55mm / 2.2in
C — Bolt & Nut Width61mnm / 2.4in72mm / 6.8in84mm / 3.3in96mm / 3.3in
A — Bolt Circumference91mm / 3.6in103mm / 4.1in126mm / 5in145mm / 5.7in
Nut Height24mm / .9in29mm / 1.1in33mm / 1.3in38mm / 1.5in
D — Nut Inner Diameter30mm / 1.2in36mm / 1.4in42mm / 1.7in48mm / 1.9in
D – Nut Inner Circumference94mm / 3.7in113mm / 4.5in132mm / 5.2in151mm / 5.9in