Pre-Existing MTO: White Sperm


Small size is currently a pre-order.

Please note the end of the tail/flagella on these will be a bit irregular where I trimmed off the sprues. This mold is seamed on both sides.

Dealer’s Choice of glow color will be included.

This is the same thing as the MTO listing, I’m just trying to refresh the inventory so I’m specifically listing the stash of already-made made to orders 😛 These ship a little bit quicker and are eligible for sales on pre-made items.

I’m probably also discontinuing the sperm after these are poured because I…. really hate pouring them XD

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Additional information

Weight 9.2 oz
Dimensions 7.7 × 8.4 × 16.7 cm

Small, Soft, Small, Medium Firmness, Medium, Soft, Medium Size, Medium Firmness

Total Length135mm / 5.3in170mm / 6.7in205mm / 8in
A — Height Bulb58mm / 2.3in74mm / 2.9in88mm / 3.5in
B — Bulb Max Diam.39mm / 1.5in50mm / 4.7in59mm / 2.3in
B — Circumference148mm / 5.8in120mm / 4.7in89mm / 3.5in