Returns / Refunds

Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Wrong size/firmness/model/colors ordered by the customer (providing the listing details were accurate and/or custom toys were poured to spec)
  • Buyer’s Remorse
  • Items that are lost, stolen or damaged after receipt
  • items that are lost, stolen or damaged by the shipping carrier (USPS and UPS). Please reach out for help filing claims.

Returns will not be accepted on the following items:

  • Stickers, minis, mystery or dealer’s choice items, flopped items

Removing an item from or tampering with the original packaging on the item voids our ability to discount/refund a purchase as it is impossible to tell if the damage was caused after the item was removed from the original packaging or not.

Returned items MAY be resold if they were returned in their original packaging with the heat seal intact. Anything that is being re-listed after being returned will be clearly noted in the listing description.

Toy not as expected? (Damaged, undisclosed flaws, etc)

Please inspect the toy thoroughly BEFORE OPENING THE BAG. If you discover any issue not documented at the time of sale, take clear and well lit photos and contact us immediately.


We are unable to provide assistance unless you reach out within 7 days of receiving the item according to the tracking info.

Refunds/discounts may be possible on a case by case basis for manufacturing issues that were undocumented at the time of sale, and will be offered at our discretion.

Issues documented on a flop are not eligible for refund as they were disclosed in the original listing and accounted for with the price already.

Items must be returned to the shop or destroyed prior to receiving a full refund, except in the case of shipping errors on my part. (Please wait for instructions on what do to with the toy before deciding to just randomly chop it up. If you reach out with photos of a diced dildo asking for a refund, I’m going to refuse that request).

PLEASE NOTE! Squishies are sold at a lower cost to usable toys and may have small blemishes (little bubbles or voids, pigment clumps, etc) in them that are not counted as flops/will not make them eligible for refunds due to undisclosed flaws. Usually on pre-made items these will be noted in the photos and listing description, but they may be present in dealer’s choice items as well if the issue is minor and unlikely to cause problems. Most commonly these flaws are lil pigment clumps.


Because I cannot assume ‘correct’ usage, there is no warranty on these products, either expressly written or implied.

Platinum silicone is a very strong and resilient material, but it is also very flexible, soft and susceptible to piercing, cutting, tearing or scuffing.

Small scuffs, nicks, tears or the surface taking on a more matte texture isn’t uncommon, particularly with very rough or unlubricated use. Small nicks/tears may be repaired with silpoxy (which can be found at some craft stores and online).

There are no additional warranties for things like hand painting or inclusions (both of which carry higher risk for delamination than regular pours; more info can be found below).y may be present in dealer’s choice items as well if the issue is minor and unlikely to cause problems. Most commonly these flaws are lil pigment clumps.