The review scheme works to allow a customer/reviewer to obtain the cost of their original purchase back or a discount on a new order by reviewing or promoting the products to their fan base.

Unless an alternate scheme is agreed upon, the policy outlined below will be used.

SST reserves the right to deny usage of a review scheme for any reason. It is best to reach out about the review scheme BEFORE placing an order to ensure you are elligible for the program, as requests to do a review scheme are not a guarantee.

The process is outlined below.

Default Review Scheme

  1. Customer/potential reviewer reaches out to SST and both parties agree to proceed with the review scheme.
  2. Customer places order.
  3. A discount code for 15% off orders of $35+ will be created (based on the chart below) and sent to the customer to give to their followers.
  4. Once the review code is used the specified number of times (see below) the customer can choose one of the following options:
    1. A refund on the original order (not including shipping charges)
    2. A gift card/discount on a new order equal to the cost of their original order (not including shipping)
  5. The review transaction is then complete
    1. Coupon code will remain active for up to 150 sales then automatically shuts deactivates itself unless otherwise agreed upon.

How many times the coupon needs to be used:

Review order total (not including shipping)Number of times the coupon needs to be used
$275.01 and upNegotiated on an individual basis