Silicone Info

Skin Safe & Platinum Cure

All silicone used in Something Squishy Toys toys (clearly I didn’t think about that phrase when making my shop name) is platinum cure and certified skin safe. I will never use any other types of silicone or materials (like phthalate-laden jelly) in my toys because, frankly, I’m really not into poisoning people.

The silicone is non-porous and hypoallergenic, meaning that there’s no crevices for bacteria to grow and the toys are easy to clean and highly unlikely to cause any kind of skin irritation or reaction when used. Check out the color info here.

Firmness Scale

Soft & Extra Soft

Soft & Extra Soft silicone (00-20 & 00-30 durometer scale) are very soft, to the point that certain designs might not be able to stand up on their own including tall, skinny toys or toys with thin necks and thicker tops (like the Morel). Many people prefer soft silicone for highly textured toys because it makes the textures easier to handle.

Both of these have a somewhat ‘tacky’ feel, even when cured (especially the extra soft). 


Medium firmness silicone (00-50 durometer scale) is somewhere between soft and firm and designs that don’t often stand up in soft silicone, will stand on their own in medium firmness.

I don’t find these to have the same ‘tacky’ feel as the softer silicones.


Firm silicone (10A durometer scale) is very firm. To put it in perspective, a 1.25″ diameter toy in firm silicone is significantly harder to bend/flop than a 2.25″ diameter soft toy and my sad weak fingers can’t really squeeze firm silicone much if at all. Thicker toy in firm silicone will likely have little to no bend to them and toy textures will feel much more pronounced.

Firm silicone is also the most durable (tear resistant, etc) silicone of all the ones I currently offer.

Extra Firm

Extra firm silicone (18A on durometer scale) is the firmest thing I offer. 

It’s also the clearest silicone I have currently. It’s not totally clear, but it’s distinctly less milky than the other firmnesses, which makes it the best choice aesthetically for things like lava lamp pours.

It also happens to be food safe, but that’s probably not useful in the context I’m using it for this shop.

For more information on silicone firmness & the durometer scale, check out this info from the good-people at Smooth-On!

Silicone Firmness & Coloring

Different thicknesses of silicone behave slightly different with how much colors mix together when pouring toys. Generally speaking, the softer the silicone, the easier colors will blend with each other, which tends to leave more feathered marbles and fades. On the flip side, firmer silicones tend to be significantly more viscous while pouring, which can lead to larger marbled patterns as well as slight streaking in fades.

Soft silicones also blend much more on very tall toys (XL Ice Cream, XXXL Cactus, etc) just because of the distance they need to travel before reaching the bottom of the mold, so things like ribboning  might get a bit wonky/less defined.