5/20 Drop, Floppy Banana & Other News

5/22/20 Drop, Floppy Banana & Other news

Info for drop on 5/20/22 at 8:30 pm EST

In an effort to prevent my website from catching fire, I will be putting the shop pages into maintenance mode ~20 minutes before the drop happens and then taking the shop pages out of maintenance mode at the scheduled time of the drop.

As an experiment, the other pages of the website *should* be accessible during that time and I think I fixed the issue with maintenance mode not working. If the website gets slow because of user traffic, I might shut it down and then bring it back up at the scheduled drop time, but I’m hoping to only close the shop pages.

If you want any existing items, they should remain in your cart until the time of the drop so you can toss in whatever new items you want

New things available in the drop
  • Floppy Banana (v01) (I have about 6 at the time of writing this)
  • Splash (Small)
  • 1 Large Flan
  • Trilobites
  • Hammer
  • XL Pudgy Tentacle
  • Corn
  • Cucumber
  • a LOT of 3″ urchins

There’s also the definitive last of the opal items that will be available for a while and like… 50 raviolis, most of which are inclusion noods. It’s a VERY squishy heavy drop 😛

The Floppy Banana (more info)

This is the v01 floppy banana. I am working on a v02, but this iteration has several seams (1 on each peel and 1 going down the side of the banana with the banana-seam usually being pretty negligible and the peel ones sometimes being more pronounced) and the area where the banana meets the peels is a bit goofy looking in this iteration because of an experimental way I made the mold (which I’m ditching in v02 because it’s too hard to control). There are some small ridges/creases in the area (See below for pics), but nothing that should make it impossible to clean – just rinse the ridges slightly more carefully with your finger if you’re concerned about them. 

Floppy banana is also prone to some open-face bubbles on the base of the toy (pictured above) which also shouldn’t cause issues cleaning.

Because of the mold eccentricities on this version, they will be given uniform discounts, but not necessarily marked as a ‘flop’ unless there’s something up with them other than the issues mentioned above (things like pigment freckles, smaller bubbles that would be hard to clean, etc). V02 (fi it goes well) will be listed at the regular price, so for now these will be nice budget bananas.

Floppy Banana in general may be more likely to tear at the peels with consistent rough handling (especially in softer silicones). While I’ve still yet to rip the original banana, it’s something to be aware of when purchasing. Standard shop warranties (see FAQ) apply to the bananas. 

3D printed banana stands aren’t included in the price of the banana, but can be purchased as an addon within the banana listing at the time of purchase. Currently only available in clear. They serve no purpose other than to display the banana in a more aesthetically aPEELing way. 

Price Increases…

Will happen AFTER this drop since the price of silicone has officially increased.

I haven’t decided exactly how prices will change, but I know 2 things for sure: 

  • The items in the upcoming drop will follow the old pricing structure / NOT have increased prices. 
  • Pre-made items already in the shop will NOT have their prices increased in retrospect and will retain their existing prices. 

I’ll update the prices for BYO/MTO listings once I crunch some more numbers, but if you were looking to put in orders for customs, you can probably slip them in before the price increase if you order soon. (I’ll probably update prices next week, but I’m still not super sure when). Buying older listings could also be a good way to save money since those prices won’t be raised in retrospect. 

General Website Updates

I’m sure many of you have noticed that some of the items are missing ‘official’ spec sheets, nice renders or may be missing entirely from my catalog. 

I’m working on it 😛 

Over the last few months I’ve been planning some rebranding stuff and another website redo, which, frankly, I thought I’d be done with a few months ago. My plan was/is to just sweep through and update everything as I redo the site, it’s just been taking longer than expected so some parts are still a bit not-up-to-date. 

I have some written specs in most of the new designs, even if they don’t show up in the catalog, but if anyone has additional questions about models, feel free to reach out via email or twitter. 

Unrelated: after 2 years in business I find myself kind of sad I didn’t name the shop ‘Chaos Toys’, not only because idk what half the stuff I make even is, but as a way to poke fun at my website being on constant fire. It also would have been way easier to design a text-based logo for and I could have just called myself ‘Chaos’ which would have been really funny 😛 Plus people wouldn’t confuse me with HPE that way XD Part of me still wants to do it… But also effort and y’all know me as SST already. 

NC 45 will be discontinued going forward

I used every last drop in my last bucket to finish the opal pours and I’m not buying more. It’s crazy expensive compared to the other Near Clear, more prone to demolding issues and more annoying to work with, so it won’t be offered going forward. Plus I work in a very small space, so it’s hard to store so many bespoke firmnesses.

NC 31 (NC soft) will still be available occasionally

Inclusions going forward

Will probably be offered mostly as MTO listings similar to what I did with the opals where there will be a listing with limited options set up for a set period of time and I’ll just batch pour everything at once. Extra pours will then be listed as pre-mades like usual. 

I’ll probably also try to do some variations in the inclusions I offer (like different color of opals or strawberries, etc) to keep things fresh (for me as much as everyone else), but we’ll see how that works out in the end. 

p.s. Since people keep asking, opals probably won’t be offered again until October and I don’t plan on doing any more until then – I kind of burned myself out on the last batch of them and want a break from them (I wasn’t expecting as many orders as I got XD)


Near Clear 31 Info

There's a New Clearer Silicone In Town!!

The new clear silicone (Near Clear) has the same skin safe certification as the rest of the silicones I use!

Below is a picture of a regular Eco30 ravioli and an example of the same colors, poured in the same way in a Near Clear pour (nc31). Noods are shown under (left to right) regular lighting, uv lighting, glow, back-lit.

There are two firmnesses of the new silicone (0031 which I call ‘soft’ and 0045 which I call ‘medium’). Most data from this write-up is done from testing the soft version of the silicone (which I’ll call NC31) and comparing it to the regular soft (EF30), but the info applies to both the NC31 and NC45. The data is collected from my own first hand experience as well as accounts from other shops also playing with the new goo.

The main things to be aware of (in my opinion) involve how the new silicone reacts to heat (specifically boiling):
  • The silicone will get very cloudy when boiled and then return to it’s mostly clear state after several hours. The toy may not be as clear as it was previously, but the cloudiness wasn’t significant (to me) and the silicone was still significantly clearer than the regular soft silicone.
  • Boiling the clear silicone seems to make it firmer and, to my knowledge, that change is permanent.
  • Boiling may also yellow/amber the silicone slightly, though to me the effect wasn’t super noticeable immediately after boiling. Other shops who have samples older than mine have reported that the yellowing effect in the silicone seems to progress more rapidly with age in the boiled samples than the non-boiled ones..
What are some other things you should know?
  • NC may show discoloration more readily than other silicone if used with darker oil based lubes, bodily fluids, etc. The Near Clear is  ever so slightly firmer (00-31 shore hardness vs the previous 00-30)
  • The new silicone also has the potential to yellow more visibly over time, even if not boiled, the same way many clear/uncolored epoxies will. UV exposure and heat may exacerbate this effect. Since the NC31 is still a relatively new material, there is no data to confirm or rule out yellowing over time.
  • Many shops have reported NC may be more susceptible to denting from fingernails or improper storage (on hard surfaces). In my experience, this effect lessens the longer the pour sits and dent-risk is usually highest the fresher the pour is. NC45 seems to be more prone to denting in general. I have noticed NC will sometimes pick up the texture of a surface they’re stored on if it isn’t perfectly smooth. 
  • Matte surfaces on toys will appear cloudier than glossier surfaces even if both use the same silicone.
That sounds like a lot of trouble – why bother with the new goo? 

Because the silicone is really heckin’ pretty and opens up a huge range of inclusion pours that wouldn’t have been possible (or would have looked blah) in the regular silicone. And y’all know how weird I’ve been getting with inclusions – it’s just too good to resist.

It also creates really awesome looking ribbon effects, glow and uv pigments show up much brighter and crisper than in the regular silicones, and did I mention the inclusions???? You can see how much clearer the strawberry pours are in the NC31 than the previous Eco30.

What will your shop stock in the future?

For now I plan on keeping the full line of extra soft through firm silicones available, but I will be removing the Extra Firm from my lineup since I was only really keeping it around for the clarity and now there’s better options for that.

For regular stocking of the Near Clear silicones, I’m not sure what my long term plan is. I will probably keep some on hand, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it an option available freely for any customs, or just for inclusion pours.

How will Near Clear pours be priced?

Higher than regular pours – probably by about 20% (give or take) on top of the base price of the toy on anything it’s used on.

There’s a few reasons for this:

  • It’s significantly harder to degas than the regular silicone.
  • Any bubbles introduced by pouring don’t pop ‘normally’ when they hit the top of the mold (base of the toy). Instead they hang out there for eternity and cure into the toy, which means I can’t pour-and-forget, I need to go down 2-3 times and blast the bases of NC pours with compressed air to pop any bubbles that do rise to the surface.
And that’s it for now!

As more info comes in about the new silicones, I’ll keep everyone posted.

It does appear that the ‘medium’ firmness Near Clear might behave a little bit differently for certain things, so I’ll make some notes on that before I list any toys made with that silicone so everyone can make an informed decision while purchasing.

And when the time comes to open up for inclusion pours I’ll have a more detailed write-up about that too, so stay tuned!


Pride Month 2021

Short sweet and to the point, I’m Ace (asexual) and a huge portion of my friends are in the LGBTQIA+ community.

In honor of that, I’ll be doing another fundraiser this year for the following organizations that help the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The Trevor Project, which provides crisis counseling for LGBTQ+ young people, as well as resources and other education to help prevent the risk of LGBTQ+ suicide
  • Planned Parenthood, which provides comprehensive healthcare for everyone, but particularly communities that may not otherwise have access to it.
  • The Attic Youth Center in Philadelphia, which aims to reduce the isolation often felt by LGBTQ+ youth as well as building a sense of community and creating educational programs to “promote knowledge and life skills”
$5 from each dildo/packer and $3 from each egg, flan and plug will be split equally between the organizations mentioned above on all sales During the month of June.

Full Custom Toys vs. Partial Customs

Introducing 'Color Paths' on Custom Listings

As of the new website update, custom listings are broken down into 2 categories – ‘full custom’ and ‘everything else’. These options are defined in the ‘color paths’ list. 

The new options (‘Choose from pre-defined color combinations’ and ‘1-2 colors’ ) still offer some customization options, just not the full breath of my previous customization options – those are still available if you select ‘full custom’. 

So what’s the difference??

Well listen up, here’s the story,

About a little guy that lives in a blue world.

And all day and all… Wait, no… That’s not where that was supposed to go… 

 Full CustomEverything Else 
Pre-defined Colors1-2 Colors
CostMost ExpensiveMedium CostCheapest
How does it workDefine up to 3 vertical sections in your toy with up to 3 separate colors in each section. Select base color, drips, how the sections are divided and more.Select from commonly poured color combinations like rainbow, abalone or various flavors of ice-cream. There are limited customizations available in some of those options. Pick 1-2 colors for the whole toy. Limited customization beyond that.
Complimentary repour included?YesNoNo

The pre-defined colors combinations are things that I pour frequently and have a good handle on recreating if I need to, but there will still be variation from pour to pour (especially on patterns like ribbons and marbles). But if you’re more into the colors than the patterning and looking to save a bit of money, the pre-defined colors are a good way to do that.

The main difference between the options is that only full custom options are eligible for a complimentary repour. The pre-defined color toys are things that I’m able to pour with reasonably consistent results and have good luck replicating and they will be sent out without approval pictures being sent beforehand. They are also not eligible for complimentary repours.

And don’t worry about having to remember that – there’s a tick box in the listings themselves that will let you know if you’re picking an option that will be sent out without pics. 

The pre-defined color toys are just a good way to get a more complex color pattern without an additional fees, but if you want the ultimate control over the listing or to know explicitly what you’re getting before you purchase it, I suggest going with the ‘full custom’ option.

If you want full control of the pattern or to see the toy before it’s sent out, the ‘full custom’ option is probably the safer choice. 

And that’s really it – it’s mostly a difference between cost and having the option of a complimentary repour. 


Website & Pricing Updates

Lots of new Website Updates!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to support me over the last year! From those who interracted with my shop on social media, to those who actually made purchases – you all helped make Something Squishy’s first year (9 months technically) awesome!

And thank you for your patience while I redid my website over and over. This is, hopefully, the final time I’m going to gut the thing and it should be much faster than it was before. 

Stuff to look out for in the website

There’s some updated info on commissioning custom toy designs (not custom colors – full custom designs)! How many jobs I take is largely dependent on my schedule, but freelance modeling has been one of my primary sources of income for the last 5+ years, so now SST can get a slice of that pie. (I also take jobs for non dildo related things depending on what they are. Just probably not cosplay armor… I’ve done too much cosplay armor -_-‘)

I updated the toy gallery

Custom listings have been gutted & streamlined. AND there’s new options offered for colors (more on that below).

The new custom color options I mentioned

There’s some more info available in this post but the TLDR version is there’s some more color options in the custom listings that are slightly discounted but don’t offer complimentary repours. 

For folks who are fans of the abalone and rainbow stuff I’ve been doing, those are now color options you can choose instead of having to guess at what colors I used. 

Reduced Prices

I’ve also recently streamlined the processes for product photography and listings, so I was able to reduce the rates on some of the items in my shop including all squishies, minis, eggs, small dildos, plugs and some other stuff. 

Eventually I’ll also be adding some more pack options for things like minis that people often buy multiples of. 

Also incase anyone didn’t notice it, there’s a heavily discount listing for a pack of assorted squids that’s been around for a bit. 

Cursed Projects

I mentioned on Twitter having some cursed projects in the works. They’re still going… I destroyed the mold and master for one of them, so I need to reprint, but let’s just say if you’re looking for some really weird anal beads, you’ll like both projects… Or not… Only time will tell.