Overview Questions

What is a Drop?

When do you have drops?

Do you offer any sales or discounts?

What is a Flop?

Are Flops Dangerous?

What to do when you first get a toy

Order Processing Times

Discrete Shipping & Product Packaging

General Policies

Can I cancel my order?

My item was returned to sender

General Disclaimers

Are people allowed to resell your items?

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Silicone Information

Skin Safe & Platinum Cure

Firmness Scale

What firmnesses do you offer?

Silicone Firmness & Coloring

What materials do you use for your toys and are they safe?

What to do if a toy gets damaged

What is delamination?

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What is a pre-order

Why would you do a pre-order?

How long does it take to ship pre-orders?

How can I track the status of a mold?

I want to order a pre-made item AND a pre-order

What if a design can’t be completed?

Returns, Refund, Etc

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Colors & Patterns

Are the colorants you use safe?

Are your micas sourced ethically?

Can you put glitter in toys?

What is the surface finish of your toys?

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How are toys cleaned before leaving the shop?

I have allergies, do you have pets?

Why is your FAQ so dang ugly?!

How did you come up with the name ‘Something Squishy Toys’?

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