Overview Questions

When a new batch of inventory will be released for purchase.

Whenever – I don’t have a set schedule for drops, but they will usually be announced at least 1 day in advance on Twitter and (if I’m being good that day) the home page of the website.
Normally drops are done in the evening and I’m on Eastern Standard Time for the time zone (US East coast).

Yes! I made a page for it here that will updated as needed.

A toy with some sort of small, but still safe, flaw in the toy. Flaws will be listed in the listing description and product images and are NOT a reason to request a refund later unless the flaw wasn’t disclosed in the listing description. Common causes for a flop include (but are not limited to)…

  • Aesthetic flaws
    • Flaw that won’t affect usage, but are visible in the toy
    • Examples: small bubble deep in the toy, medium-large bubble that’s open on the face of the toy, small pigment freckles, small areas that have been trimmed off, larger than normal seams, etc
  • Mild additional cleaning required
    • Flaws that are still safe to use, but may require additional care when cleaning
    • Examples: Small, mostly open bubbles on the surface of the toy that may be slightly harder to reach with cleaning but is still possible to clean with a q-tip etc. 
  • Extreme Flops
    • Will always be safe for use, but may be a more extreme aesthetic flaw or reduce the overall lifespan of the toy
    • Examples: There was a blob of pigment near the surface that was trimmed off, leaving a small gouge that will be easy to clean and shouldn’t continue ripping but is obvious when viewing the toy; A tear in the toy that will probably continue to rip, but not in a way where part of the toy is likely to be left inside someone etc (these are normally discount super aggressively)

I don’t sell anything I feel could be dangerous (pockets of liquid pigments, flaws that would be impossible to sanitize, etc).

Inspect the toy BEFORE TAKING IT OUT OF THE BAG. If you think there are issues with the toy that weren’t noted in the original listing, please reach out asap. More info on returns and exchanges can be found below.

If no issues are found, go ahead and crack that bag and WASH THE TOY BEFORE USE (More info on cleaning toys below)

Packaging note: All packing material is either recyclable or bio-degradable. Please consider reusing it or disposing of it responsibly. Many toys also come in zip-top bags which cab be reused for storage if the heat seal is trimmed off carefully.

Yes. Everything ships in unmarked brown boxes or envelopes and there’s nothing on the label that indicates the company you’re ordering from. Domestic packages currently ship with USPS exclusivly. International packages ship either with USPS or UPS.

International labels may have a label such as ‘silicone sculpture’ or ‘silicone stress ball’ on the customs form. I’m not going to blatantly lie on a customs form, so please don’t ask me to <3 However I’m also not going to write anything like ‘this is a box of dildos’ on the form because that’s weird on so many levels.

Yes, with the exception of a few countries that ban sex toys or have weird shipping restrictions. The website will calculate the shipping for you at checkout.

The value declared on the package for international shipments will be listed as the retail/purchase value of the toy with no exceptions (not trying to get fined – sorry. I know extra taxes suck). Buyer is responsible for any additional customs fees their country may charge.

Occasionally the website does a weird while calculating shipping costs, in which case I’ll refund the overcharges once I purchase the label.

This is usually caused by one of two things

  • the auto-packing feature that figures out what size box your items should be in thinking it needs a bigger box than it does, resulting in a higher shipping charge
  • the shipping settings on the website not knowing the discount my 3rd party shipping site gets for some packages (particularly UPS international packages)

If you’re concerned about shipping charges, feel free to reach out prior to ordering with the items you were looking at and where you’re trying to ship and I can let you know what the charges might be if it seems the website isn’t accurate.

The shipping prices are set slightly above actual shipping rates to account for cost of shipping materials, time to pick & pack items etc.

Pre-Made Orders: normally a few days to a week

Custom (BYO/MTO) Orders: 1-3 weeks

MTO Inclusion Pours: hardcore unknown

It also sometimes takes me a few days to ferry things to the post office once the shipping label has been created.

General Policies

You have 3 hours from the time of ordering to reach out via contact form or email to cancel an order. After that the order cannot be canceled.

There is a 10% restocking fee for canceling orders (both pre-made and custom). Once a custom order has been poured, but not shipped, the restocking fee goes up to 20%.

Once an order ships it cannot be canceled.

We reserve the right to cancel and refund any orders we feel may be suspicious, or to ban users from our shop at any time and for any reason.

Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Wrtong size/firmness/model/colors ordered by the customer (providing the listing details were accurate and/or custom toys were poured to spec)
  • Buyer’s Remorse
  • Items that are lost, stolen or damaged after recipt
  • items that are lost, stolen or damaged by the shipping carrier (USPS and UPS). Please reach out for help filing claims.

Returns will not be accepted on the following items:

  • Stickers, minis, mystery or dealer’s choice items, flopped items

Removing an item from or tampering with the original packaging on the item voids our ability to discount/refund a purchase as it is impossible to tell if the damage was caused after the item was removed from the original packaging or not.

Returned items MAY be resold if they were returned in their original packaging with the heat seal intact. Anything that is being re-listed after being returned will be clearly noted in the listing description.

Please inspect the toy thuroughly BEFORE OPENING THE BAG. If you discover any issue not documented at the time of sale, take clear and well lit photos and contact us immediately.


We are unable to provide assistance unless you reach out within 7 days of receiving the item according to the tracking info.

Refunds/discounts may be possible on a case by case basis for manufacturing issues that were undocumented at the time of sale, and will be offered at our discretion.

Issues documented on a flop are not eligible for refund as they were disclosed in the original listing and accounted for with the price already.

Items must be returned to the shop or destroyed prior to receiving a full refund, except in the case of shipping errors on my part. (Please wait for instructions on what do to with the toy before deciding to just randomly chop it up. If you reach out with photos of a diced dildo asking for a refund, I’m going to refuse that request).

PLEASE NOTE! Squishies are sold at a lower cost to usable toys and may have small blemishes (little bubbles or voids, pigment clumps, etc) in them that are not counted as flops/will not make them eligible for refunds due to undisclosed flaws. Usually on pre-made items these will be noted in the photos and listing description, but they may be present in dealer’s choice items as well if the issue is minor and unlikely to cause problems. Most commonly these flaws are lil pigment clumps.

Because I cannot assume ‘correct’ usage, there is no warranty on these products, either expressly written or implied.

Platinum silicone is a very strong and resilient material, but it is also very flexible, soft and suceptible to piercing, cutting, tearing or scuffint.

Small scuffs, nicks, tears or the surface taking on a more matte texture isn’t uncommon, particularly with very rough or unlubricated use. Small nicks/tears may be repaired with silpoxy (which can be found at some craft stores and online).

There are no additional warranties for things like hand painting or inclusions (both of which carry higher risk for delamination than regular pours; more info can be found below).

If I find an item has been RTS, I will reach out and see if you want to…

A) Refund the order (minus the cost of shipping and a 10% restocking fee)

B) Ship the order out again (buyer pays return shipping)

Due to the hand-made nature of these items, some small imperfections may be present in the toys (including seam lines) and no two designs will ever be exactly the same. If the imperfections are ‘extreme’ but won’t impact use or cleanability of the toy, they’ll be ‘flopped’ (listed at a discount with an explanation of the flaws in the toy). If you have questions about a toy (flopped or otherwise) before ordering, please contact SST prior to placing an order with any questions you may have. 

The products from Something Squishy Toys are  novelty items designed for an audience of 18 years or older. Each toy is created from a skin safe, platinum cure silicone that is non-porous, hypoallergenic and safe to boil/dish-wash. Something Squishy Toys is not legally responsible for misuse of our products that results in damage to the toy or those using them. Always ensure toys are clean before and after use and use common sense when using and storing them.


If you’ve bought wholesale stuff off my faire page, then you’re good as long as you’re not selling on Etsy.

If you buy something and decide it’s not for you, or have just had it for a while and are bored with it, I don’t mind the occasional second hand sale. What would be a red flag to me is if it’s consistently selling new/unused items at a markup or listing my things in an actual shop (etsy, buisness website, etc).

If you see anyone you suspect of reselling items purchased through my shop (particularly on Etsy, etc), please report/link them to me directly. DO NOT HARASS PEOPLE ON MY BEHALF – I will reach out personally. Thanks <3

SST reserves the right to cancel any orders they suspect they’re being placed with the express intent to resell or ban people from the shop for abusing these policies.

If you are a shop that would be interested in reselling/wholesaling items from me, feel free to check out my faire page, or reach out if there’s something you want to sell that isn’t offered there 🙂

Shops who have purchased wholesale items to resell
Other Nature Shop (Germany)

Keller Kreuzberg (Germany)

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Silicone Information

All silicone used in Something Squishy Toys toys (clearly I didn’t think about that phrase when making my shop name) is platinum cure and certified skin safe. I will never use any other types of silicone or materials (like phthalate-laden jelly) in my toys because, frankly, I’m really not into poisoning people.

The silicone is non-porous and hypoallergenic, meaning that there’s no crevices for bacteria to grow and the toys are easy to clean and highly unlikely to cause any kind of skin irritation or reaction when used. Check out the color info here.

Firmness Scale

Extra Soft

Extra Soft silicone (00-20 durometer scale) is very soft, to the point that certain designs might not be able to stand up on their own including tall, skinny toys or toys with thin necks and thicker tops (like the Morel). Many people prefer softer silicone for highly textured toys because it makes the textures easier to handle.

00-20 has a noticeably ‘tacky’ feel, even when cured, and is more prone to pigment ‘rubout’ where larger pigments or glow may work their way out of the toy over time.


Soft silicone (00-30 durometer scale) is still pretty soft and may have trouble standing in certain designs. It’s one of the most popular firmnesses in the shop (along with medium)

00-30 also a ‘tacky’ feel, even when cured, but it’s not quite as noticeable as the extra soft.


Medium firmness silicone (00-50 durometer scale) is somewhere between soft and firm and designs that don’t often stand up in soft silicone, will stand on their own in medium firmness.

I don’t find these to have the same ‘tacky’ feel as the softer silicones.


Firm silicone (10A durometer scale) is very firm. To put it in perspective, a 1.25″ diameter toy in firm silicone is significantly harder to bend/flop than a 2.25″ diameter soft toy and my sad weak fingers can’t really squeeze firm silicone much if at all. Thicker toy in firm silicone will likely have little to no bend to them and toy textures will feel much more pronounced.

Firm silicone is also the most durable (tear resistant, etc) silicone of all the ones I currently offer.

For more information on silicone firmness & the durometer scale, check out this info from the good-people at Smooth-On! https://www.smooth-on.com/page/durometer-shore-hardness-scale/

X soft (00-20): has a sort of tacky feel, good for packers

Soft (00-30): not particularly tacky feeling, popular choice

Medium (00-50): nice middle ground where it’s soft and most designs will stand up with it, popular choice

Firm (10A): significantly firmer than the Medium and closer to (but not quite as hard as) ‘generic’ mass-produced silicone dildos that are readily available everywhere

Clear Soft (00-31) and Clear Medium (00-45): clear versions of the soft/medium silicone. Properties are slightly different and boiling may harden the silicone. More info can be found here. To me, the 00-45 feels closer to the firm/10A silicone than it does to the medium/00-50.

Different thicknesses of silicone behave slightly different with how much colors mix together when pouring toys. Generally speaking, the softer the silicone, the easier colors will blend with each other, which tends to leave more feathered marbles and fades. On the flip side, firmer silicones tend to be significantly more viscous while pouring, which can lead to larger marbled patterns as well as slight streaking in fades.

Soft silicones also blend much more on very tall toys (XL Ice Cream, XXXL Cactus, etc) just because of the distance they need to travel before reaching the bottom of the mold, so things like ribboning  might get a bit wonky/less defined.

The silicone is certified skin-safe platinum cure silicone from Smooth On.

All pigments are ethically sourced. More info on colorants can be found below.

Silicone is non-porous and hypoallergenic making it easy to clean and unlikely to cause any skin irritation.

Light scuffs and nicks shouldn’t affect use.

Larger rips, nicks or tears can be sealed and smoothed with silpoxy (available at some craft stores and online)

Silicone cuts well with sharp scissors if a jagged edge needs to be trimmed away. Please note that cutting/trimming a toy runs the risk of introducing new tears into it.

If a toy has a large rip/tear it should be inspected carefully before and after use to gage structural integrity. If a toy seems in danger of ripping into multiple pieces for any reason, consider not using it to avoid loosing pieces internally.

Delamination is when two layers of silicone peel apart from each other for reasons not caused by a rip/tear. This most commonly happens when already-cured silicone is bonded to freshly poured silicone.

Delamination is more of a risk with toys that are hand painted, have hard-splits or contain inclusions.

I take several precautions to minimize the risk of delamination and stress-test products at higher risk for delamination before being sent out, so delamination is unlikely, though still a possibility. Hand painted or inclusion pours do not carry any additional warranty associated with them.

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Toy Care

TLDR: Before and after each use

Clean all toys before using them, including when they first arrive. Things are washed (usually repeatedly) before being sent out, but silicone has a way of collecting dust and, if you have pets, pet fur, so it’s always a good idea to wash the toy with at least soap and water before use, even if it seems clean.

Also wash toys after use so they can be stored in a sanitary way. The silicone itself is non-porous and shouldn’t breed bacteria, but that doesn’t mean it can’t transfer bacteria or bodily goo to other surfaces.

If you intend to share your toy with someone else, I suggest one of the more aggressive cleaning methods (boiling, dishwashing, bleaching) to ensure ultimate cleanliness.

In most cases, regular unscented soap and water are sufficient to clean a toy before and after use.

for a more aggressive cleaning you can…

  1. Boil the toy for 3-5 minutes
    1. I don’t recommend boiling Near Clear as it can cause yellowing over time, temporary cloudiness, or the silicone getting permanently firmer
  2. Soaking in a 5-10% bleach solution for 15-30 minutes (similar to how baby pacifiers are cleaned)
    1. Please do not boil water with bleach in it – it’s extremely hazardous to your health!
    2. Please allow sufficient time for the toy to dry completely to ensure there is no bleach left on it.
  3. Throw it in the dishwasher on a sterilize setting
    1. Do NOT use any kind of dishwashing detergent when washing your toys!!!
    2. I also recommend not washing a toy with your dishes, but to each their own. 
    3. If your dish washer doesn’t have a sanitize setting, this is pointless.
    4. Consider not dish washing Near Clear toys as it’s a similar effect to boiling.

Water based lubes are ideal.

Silicone based lube should not be used with silicone toys as it may degrade the toy over time.

For Near Clear toys: darker colored lubes may discolor/stain the toy over time.

All silicone items from this shop can be safely stored with one another.

Do not store with toys of different materials (jelly, tpe, etc) as these may degrade the silicone over time.

Avoid storing on surfaces that are abrasive or sharp.

If the toy is stored on a textured surface, the silicone may take an imprint of the surface over time.

Odd note about extra soft: I’ve had issues with it sticking extremely aggressively to epoxy tabletops (like I had to trim the toys off it and it left gouges in the bottom type issues). I’m not sure what caused it, but I now refuse to store toys on epoxy surfaces for extended periods of time.

Avoid colored lube as it can stain the toy.

Avoid storing on textured surfaces as NC picks up texture imprints easily.

NC will get permanently firmer when boiled, so use alternative methods for cleaning.

Boiling may also cause temporary cloudiness that normally disappears after several hours.

Boiling may expedite the yellowing of this silicone.

NC will amber over the toy’s lifespan. Ambering does not affect usability or safety of the toy.

See this page for more specifics.

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Yes; see this page

(Also not through Etsy, so please don’t even message me there about that there)

The rest of the ‘customs’ FAQ section deals with custom pours and NOT custom designs.

Listings for custom pours are available here

There are 2 types of custom pour listings:

Build Your Own (BYO)Full range of customization and total control over colors for the pourPrices depend on color options chosen
Made to Order (MTO)A product with little to no customization options that is poured-on-request. Napoleon (which is apparently ‘Neapolitan’??) Ice Creams, Green Cacti and Natural colored Morels are examples of popular MTO designs.
Not all designs have MTO options.
Base toy price + flat rate for specified pattern

Build Your Own Listings offer the following options:

Pick your own colorsFull control over all colors and patterns of toy. Prices depend on color options chosen
Pre-defined color combinationsSelect from several colors I pour frequently. Some may have pre-determined pour patterns, others may let you choose. Rainbow has additional customizations.Base toy price + flat rate for each pattern
Guided SurpriseYou select a few colors that you like and don’t like and I’ll pour a toy following that prompt, but final patterns and colors are Dealer’s Choice. Using the actual colors selected isn’t guaranteed, but I will use them to provide inspiration and inform the pour.Base Toy Price

There are also Dealer’s Choice listings (not really customs, but not pre-made either?) where you choose size and firmness and I will just send you a randomly colored thing with no options for color preferences. These are discounted as a way to make the prices more accessible and because they spare me the horrors of product photography. Sometimes I will pull from existing stock to fill DC listings.

Also pretty much everything is cheap on my website (vs. Etsy), or offers more customization for the same price.

Same policy as canceling a regular order (see General Policies section above)

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s just the nature of the beast when working with a liquid medium. As long as the toy was poured to spec, refunds and returns will not be considered if the toy is aesthetically not quite what you hoped for in terms of color distribution, ribbon size, etc.
If you’re concerned about the way a toy might turn out, you can add the ‘pour preview’ service to your order prior to ordering (see below)

*Please note this option has not yet been enabled on the site and there is currently no way to request pour preview for custom listings*

Think of it as a chance to get a re-pour on your BYO toy if you’re not totally happy with the first pour.
If the ‘Pour Preview’ (PP) option is selected, I will send a photo of the first pour for your BYO toy and you can have it shipped as is OR request 1 re-pour for the toy. If you request a 2nd pour, photos will be sent of that as well and you will then be able to decide which of the 2 pours you want.
If you really don’t like either pour, you can cancel the order/the specific items with a $20 OR 20% restocking fee (whichever is higher).
Reject pours are listed on the website in the next drop.
If I don’t hear back about the first pour within 1 week, I’ll assume you like it and go ahead and ship it out.

Please Note:

  • Pour preview must be purchased for each individual toy when you place an order.
  • If no second pour is requested, the fee for the PP will not be refunded.
  • If there is no available option for pour preview within the listing at the time of purchase, it’s not available (at all or for that specific listing; MTO listings don’t have the option for pour preview).

Please reach out by email or contact form prior to ordering.

We can work out details and I’ll probably setup a reserved listing for your specific pour.

Yes! I made a whole page about it. Two actually…

Pattern Guide: https://somethingsquishytoys.com/pattern-guide/

Color Guide: https://somethingsquishytoys.com/custom-color-tips/

TLDR: If you’re worried about missing anything, just click through each dropdown in the form and it will tell you if there’s anything you need to fill out. The form will automatically adjust options based on what you choose.

The listings should walk you through all the options you need automatically, but here are the loose steps:

  1. Choose what kind of pattern you want for the main part of the toy
    1. Dealer’s Choice
      1. Pick a color you like and one you don’t like and I’ll send you a random toy in that color and firmness
      2. This option is slightly discounted because it gets me out of product photography
    2. Pre-Made Color Combos
      1. Pick a pre-defined set of colors and a pour pattern (sometimes pour patterns are pre-defined for certain colors/themes)
    3. Build your Own where you pick EITHER
      1. A single section toy with up to 5 colors
      2. Multi-section toy with up to 3 colors per section
        1. Extra colors from the first section will be automatically removed if you select an additional section
        2. Some additional options (mostly twist) are available for 2 section toys
  2. Decide if you want the base a separate color or drips (which can be added on with any of the colors that aren’t dealer’s choice)
  3. Decide if you want glow (this option is right near the original color selection)
    1. Choosing to add glow will guarantee it shows up in Dealer’s Choice toys and will give you access to additional options for BYO toys (if none of those check boxes are ticked I will default to dealer’s choice glow color)

That particular sized mold just isn’t ready yet.

Order fullfilment times for pre-orders don’t adhere to my standard policy and there is no guaranteed order proscessing time for pre-order items.

If you are ordering multiple items, including a pre-order, and are concerned about the wait times, please consider placing 2 separate orders so the non-pre-order items can be shipped out sooner. Also feel free to reach out prior to ordering to inquire about the length of the pre-order.
If for some reason the pre-order cannot be completed, a full refund will be offered.

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A pre-order is ordering a size and/or design before it’s ready to be produced. Normally I’ll setup pre-orders for designs that have already been tested successfully in at least one size to ensure the project isn’t going to fail randomly.

TLDR: Because sometimes I won’t make a mold for a specific model/size until someone orders it. 

Molds are expensive to make and take up lots of space, so many times if I’m making a new design I’ll make one or two sizes and leave the rest of them as pre-order. This way, I don’t keep unnecessary molds lying around, but the listings are still available if you want a particular size.

My normal policy is I’ll make S-XL toy molds for free as requested, but if you want anything over an XL (looking at you XXXL cactus), it will require an additional mold fee as I wouldn’t normally go that large unless specifically requested. If you can find a group of people who want the same size, or intend to order multiple copies of the toy yourself, I may waive the additional mold fees at my discretion.

Anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on what stage of mold-making the toy was in when you pre-ordered and how many orders were placed before yours.

Twitter is probably the best bet/where I’m most active with updates. I might update the website occasionally as well. Otherwise I’ll just reach out with pictures once I’ve done the first pour in your order.

You’re also welcome to shoot me an email and I can let you know where the mold is in the production lineup.

If you don’t mind waiting for ALL your items, you can place a single order.

If you want the pre-existing items first, place 2 orders – one for the pre-order and one for the pre-order/custom listings.

I generally test at least 1 size of a toy before opening other sizes up for pre-order to ensure there are no issues with the design that need to be changed. In the event of some horrible catastrophic failure where I am unable to mold the model at all, I’ll issue a full refund for the affected pre-orders (including shipping if it was the only thing in the order).

When I refund pre-orders…

If I can’t make the toy, I’ll refund in full as mentioned above.

If the toy takes way longer than expected to get done and you’d like to cancel the order instead of waiting, I’ll do a refund minus a 5% restocking fee. Shipping is included in that refund unless other things were ordered in the same order.

…and when I don’t.

If certain firmnesses of silicone have unexpected quirks in different sizes (like the toy won’t stand up on it’s own).

Example: You order a soft rainbow toy and receive a soft rainbow toy, but it won’t stand on it’s own there will be no refund because the toy was created as ordered.

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Colors & Patterns

I have a literal entire page on color safety, but the abridged version is that all pigments are either…

  • Non-toxic : mostly the glow powder which is encapsulated strontium aluminate glow powder
  • Skin safe: a few of the fleshy colors of matte pigment have been certified skin safe for use in prosthetics etc
  • Cosmetic grade: mostly for micas & dry pigments and certified for use around the eyes & lips for use in makeup

All micas are purchased from companies who use ethical sourcing practices. If I can’t find info about whether someone is sourcing their micas ethically, I won’t purchase from them.
Why is this important? The mica industry is unfortunately rife with bad working conditions and child labor. To combat that, I purchase from companies that are known to source their mica ethically or use synthetic micas which were produced in a lab.

No – plastic glitter isn’t an option on this site, but you can use micas with larger flake sizes that create a similar effect to glitter, are more environmentally friendly and come in lots of different colors of sporkle.

Occasionally I also offer glitter/gold-leaf esque inclusions which are made entirely from silicone.

As glossy as I can get it usually. Hand sculpted designs (vulva, grub head, etc) generally have a more matte appearance.
Glossy toys will take on a more matte appearance the more they’re handled (this is normal).

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Near Clear (NC)

  • NC has the same skin safe certification as the rest of the silicone used for toys
  • Small pin-prick-like bubbles in base are normal for near clear
  • NC may yellow and/or harden over time
  • NC will get permanently firmer after boiling
  • NC will cloud temporarily after boiling and it may take several hours to return to it’s clearer state
  • NC is more prone to denting (from finger nails, sitting on texture surfaces, etc) than regular silicone
  • Dark colored lubes can stain NC over time.
  • Once a rip/tear starts forming, it rips easier than the regular silicones.
  • Matte surfaces on toys will appear cloudier than glossy surfaces, even if both are using the same silicone; over time near clear toys will cloud as they loose their glossy surface finish

00-31 (nc soft) : very similar to the ‘regular’ soft silicone
00-45 (nc medium) : supposed to be softer than regular medium silicone, but to me feels much harder – somewhere between medium and firm.

I’ve stopped stocking the 00-45 because it’s prone to tearing during demolding and is just… weirdly expensive compared to the rest of the silicones.

Because it’s super pretty and allows for a lot of different effects and inclusion styles that aren’t possible in the ‘regular’ silicone. Below you can see a comparison of raviolis poured in near clear vs regular ecoflex.

Because it’s super pretty and allows for a lot of different effects and inclusion styles that aren’t possible in the ‘regular’ silicone. Below you can see a comparison of raviolis poured in near clear vs regular ecoflex.

Because it’s a pain in a half to work with 😛 (It’s worth it, but it is annoying). Also the silicone is more expensive to purchase

If the option isn’t there, it’s not available.

For most pour styles it’s not worth adding NC but if you want to inquire about a specific pour using NC feel free to reach out directly.

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All toys that require mold release (which is most of them) are washed 2-3x and then either bagged immediately, or photographed and then washed again and bagged.

Some things don’t require mold release and those are just washed and bagged directly.

I do live in a pet-friendly house with 3 cats and assorted aquariums. No pets are allowed in the workshop area, and toys are thoroughly washed and packed in the pet-free zones in the house. If you still have any concerns please feel free to reach out!

The website is a work in progress (for the literal 3rd time) Don’t judge me 😛

The content is finalized, it’s just the styling that’s hideous.

To be honest, I have no idea, but if you’re wondering why the name isn’t ‘something hard’ (and a lot of people have asked why it isn’t), I would like to submit to you this video of tiny jiggly dildos as reasoning.

I decided to run with SST purely because I wanted to use the phrase ‘something squishy this way comes’ in shipping notification emails 😛

The ‘toys’ got tacked on the end because the ‘somethingsquishy’ domain was apparently already taken.

Other names I considered include: The Brown Paper Bag and Prickly Pear (with an opuntia cactus mascot)

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