A β€” Height (Top to balls)68mm / 2.7in82mm / 3.2in92mm / 3.62in
B β€” Height (Top to end of shaft)89mm / 3.5in102mm / 4in117mm / 4.6in
C β€” Avg. Diam.20mm / .8in25mm / 1in27mm / 1.1in
C β€” Circumf.75mm / 2.55in87mm / 3.2in100mm / 3.9in
D β€” Ball Width46mm / 1.8in53mm / 2.1in61mm / 2.4in
D β€” Ball Height19mm / .7in21mm / .8in25mm / 1in
  • Balls (the first thing I ever made with balls)
  • Designs on the shaft that lend themselves well to β€˜highlighting’ effects
Anal Safe:


Stands up in:

N/A; The shaft will droop onto the balls in most firmnesses/sizes except for firm

Back Story:

It seemed high-time to make a packer and I was feeling sci-fi vibes when I made this one. Not a huge amount of backstory otherwise. 

–SmallMediumMedium (Long)Large
Usable Length26mm / 1in33mm / 1.3in51mm / 2in36mm / 1.4in
A β€” Height (Top to balls)65mm / 2.6in77mm / 3in77mm / 3in96mm / 3.8in
B β€” Ball Width46mm/ 1.8in53mm / 2.1in53mm / 2.1in67mm / 2.6in
C β€” Height51mm / 2in57mm / 2.2in62mm / 2.4in71mm / 2.8in
D β€” Avg. Diam. Shaft23mm / .9in26mm / 1in26mm / 1in32mm / 1.3in
D β€” Shaft Circumf.72mm / 2.8in82mm / 3.2in82mm / 3.2in100mm / 3.9in

Short shaft that doesn’t droop and larger/longer balls

Anal Safe:


Please note:

The medium size is available in both long and short forms (because of someone’s custom commission). The long one behaves more like the Alien Packer and will flop down if laid flat.

Back Story:

I was going for some bat/dragon claw type things when I did this? There’s no real story here.