Important Updates

  • The website is currently undergoing renovation (again) so there may be some eye-searing areas.
  • To make up for this most hideous of aesthetics, there is a 25% off sale on all pre-made items and a 5% off custom listings until the site is done. (Code will automatically apply in the cart).
  • I will be gone from 6/20-6/26 and unable to pour/ship orders during this time.
  • Over the next week or two I will do the following:
    • Raise prices to account for the ~25% increase in raw materials
    • Add Build Your Own listings for applicable models onto the site
    • Add spec sheets to product catalogs
  • The sale will continue until the site is finished, but the discount on customs will increase slightly (until the site is finished) as one last hurrah before the full price increase kicks in.

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