What is an Inclusion?

An ‘inclusion’ is a chunk of partially cured silicone that will hold its shape when mixed into ‘wet’ silicone. It’s the only way (besides hand painting) to get super specifically-shaped objects nested into a toy. 

Presently, I’m only offering inclusion pours in soft and medium silicone. 

There’s a gallery of different inclusions with some basic info below.

Are they safe?

What is ‘Regular’ and ‘NC’ silicone?

What is an ‘Obligate NC Pour’? 

How are they priced? 

What’s the availability on these? 

How do they affect warranty? 

How many firmnesses of Near Clear are there?

Inclusion Gallery

These may be available periodically throughout the year and are not seasonal designs. 

Images below are just examples that may have more colors added in than the ‘default’ style for a particular inclusion. 


Pictured is Strawberries in NC 31

Glow and UV included in strawberries by default

Gold Flakes

Pictured are gold flakes in a pink near clear with assorted rock-like tans and gold ribboned on the other side.


Pictured are assorted granite experiments in different colors in ‘regular’ silicone. 

Granite chunks can be any color with or without glow, as can the main body of the pour. 

This coloration is interesting because it allows the creation of weird effects like ranch dressing with chives (last pic) and can be poured/dripped more or less like regular silicone. 

Fun fact: I charge more for this because it’s insanely messy to mulch silicone into fine chunks and it sticks to EVERYTHING so the extra cost is for time spent cleaning up afterwards


Pictured are skulls in NC.

Glow included by default.

Strawberry Shortcake

Pictured is Strawberry Shortcakes in ‘regular’ soft and medium silicone (the not extra clear stuff)

Note: cannot be added onto super flat models like raviolis and gummy worms

Glow and UV in strawberries included by default


Pictured is milk tea boba in ‘regular’ silicone

Other color variations are totally possible and I can try to color/pattern match specific drinks by request. 


Glow and UV included by default

This inclusion is at higher risk of delamination due to the high number of individual pieces in the mixture.


Pictured are flower and leaves in Near Clear

This inclusion is undergoing modification to make it less insanely annoying to make the inclusions, but I know y’all want it, so it should be back eventually.

Iced Drinks

Pictured is Large NC31 Mountain Dew Squid with sparkly ice cubes

This inclusion is a work in progress.

Pirate’s Booty

Glow and UV included by default. Skulls and bones are optional.

This is a variant of the ‘gold flake’ inclusion style.

Pickle / Cucumbers

Pictured are cucumbers in ‘regular’ silicone

Glow and UV in pickles included by default

Pseudo Inclusions

Lava Lamps

Pictured is NC lava lamp squid; Last two pics compare the same color lava lamp (with sinking glow) in ‘regular’ silicone and NC

Glow not available in bubbles (it sinks really badly) but UV is fine.

*Only available on short (5″ tall) models unless you only want the blobs in the base of the toy. Squids and small sizes work well. 


Pictured is large squid and medium Scaled Wave

NC Obligate NC Pour

Glow not available in swirl (it sinks) but UV is fine

*Swirl can only reach down ~5″ into a toy, so tall models will only have the swirl at the base. 

Seasonal Inclusions

Candy Corn

Pictured: NC31 pours

Obligate NC Pour

Candy Corns come with glow & uv by default

Optional black base at no extra charge


Pictured: ecoflex pours

Hearts come with glow by default.


Pictured: NC31 pours

Obligate NC Pour

Eyeballs come with glow and uv by default

Eye color is a random mix of ‘normal’ eye colors and demon eyes. Some eyes will also be randomly bloodshot.

Witch’s Brew

Pictured: NC31 Pour with Candy Corn, Eye Balls and ‘Blood’ Lava Lamp and assorted colors on the base. 

The perfect coloration for the indecisive and chaotic.

This coloration is a Dealers Choice a combination of Halloween Inclusions as well as any ‘Halloweeny’ colors. Anything is fair game and I will get weird with it. A cost-effective way to get multiple inclusion styles into a single toy if you like spooky surprises.

Retired Inclusions


Pictured: NC45 pours with Eyeball Addins

Brain squiggles come with glow & UV by default

Optional red base at no extra cost

Eye-balls can be added in for a discounted rate.


Pictured is ‘regular’ soft silicone with metallic rainbow noodles with glow (and some uv in certain colors)

Noodles can be any color, but brighter colors with higher contrast are recommended, especially in the ‘regular’ silicone


Pictured are ramen + shrimp in ‘regular’ silicone

Glow and UV included wherever possible by default