List of current sales and promotions

Flop Discount

If an item has small blemishes (generally pigment freckles, etc) it will be discounted at my discretion based on the severity of the issue. Such items will be marked with ‘FLOP!’ in the listing description.

Items that aren’t safe for use won’t be sold in the shop because I have no faith in humanity and the listing description will list the blemishes on the toy, as should also be shown in the listing images.

Please note that (as of 7/22) squishies will be judged less harshly for flops and small blemishes like pigment freckles or nicks will NOT be counted as a flop unless the issue is very severe. Such issues should still be listed in the listing description.

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Dealer’s Choice Discount

Dealer’s Choice listings let you choose the model, size and firmness of the item, but the color is totally up to me.

The option for Dealer’s Choice will be under the custom listings for each model and have a flat rate % discount applied to them.

I do not accept custom color requests for dealer’s choice listings. If you want to customize (or have some say) over the colors in your item, please see the ‘Build Your Own’ listings and check out the ‘guided surprise’ option. There’s more info in the FAQ about alternate types of customs.

Dealer’s choice listings can be found as a tick-box in the ‘build your own’ listings that will auto-apply a discount, or in their own listings with the discount already added into the price.

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Mix-n-Match Squishy Discount

Automatically applied discount for ordering multiple pre-made or dealer’s choice squishes. Squishies do NOT need to be the same shape (the discount will apply to 5 raviolis or 1 ravioli, 3 vulvas and 1 trilobite).

Excludes BYO/custom squishies and squishy packs. Cannot be applied across multiple orders or after an order has been placed. Discount should show up automatically in the cart on the item’s quantity.

Prices on squishies has been lowered overall and this discount has been discontinud.

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Discount Amount:

  • 2 squishies: $1 off each
  • 3-4 squishies: $2 off each
  • 5-6 squishies: $3 off each
  • 7+ squishies: $4 off each

Mystery boxes are excluded from this discount.

Mystery Box Discount

Shop: Mystery Box by Weight

Discount Amount: depends on the weight of the box and what you’re putting in it.

Does not count towards any other discounts as it’s pretty heavily discounted on it’s own.

Old Mold Discount

20% discount automatically applied to pours from forever ago that have seams (I’ve since switched to seamless molds). Shop Seamed Items.

Old Stock Sales

30% off all pre-made stock from 2021
20% off all pre-made stock from 2022
5% off all pre-made stock from 2023

No codes required; coupons will auto apply on checkout