Mystery Box! (By Weight)


All sales are final.

Please see the ‘Mystery Box By Weight’ tab lower in this listing for some examples of what might turn up in the boxes and how I plan what’s in them.

Boxes may include existing stock from the website and (by default) items with mild flops that won’t require any additional cleaning (slight pigment clumps, etc).

If anyone wants certain themes/products etc, feel free to reach out and I can *probably* add that into the listing if they’re reasonable πŸ™‚

Please Note: if you order 10+ lbs of only squishies you will make me cry πŸ˜› 5 lbs might make me cry, but there’s only one way to find out πŸ˜‰

Mystery Box Options

  • Type of toys you’re interested in *

  • How do you feel about depth toys? *

  • Preferred Max Size *

  • Preferred Min Size *

  • Preferred Firmness(s) *

  • Theme of Toy Shape *

  • Omit certain products? *

  • Color Preference *

  • Do you care if everything comes in a single giant bag (vs individual bags). *

  • The box below is basically just me saying ‘this isn’t a weird way to order pseudo-wholesale inventory for your own shops’. If you’re just buying stuff to split up with you and your friends, or you resell a thing or two from the box that you don’t like, you’re totally cool. *

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.5 lb / .2kg, 1 lb / .45kg, 2 lbs / .9kg, 3 lbs / 1.3kg, 5 lbs / 2.3 kg, 7 lbs / 3.2 kg, 10 lbs / 4.5 kg, 20 lbs / 9.1 kg

How I decide what goes into each box:

Sizes: (priority 1) I’ll fill as many of the largest size as possible, then add as many as I can from each smaller size (down to your chosen min size) before it goes over the weight. At the end I just fill it with squishies or other random small items.

If you want ONLY a specific size, select that size for BOTH the min and max sizes (and make sure it’s reasonable to fit within the weight chosen – I can’t put an XL dildo in a 1/2 lb box.

Shapes / Models Included: (also priority 1) I try to avoid repeats of designs, but if you’re ordering 10 lbs of small toys or things with only a few designs (packers) there may be repeats.

Firmness: (Priority 2)I’ll include as many of your preferred firmness things in as possible, but other similar firmnesses might pop up in the pack here and there if you order a big box. Squishy firmness will be random af.Β Firm toys will have as many 10A toys as I can find/make, but there may be a mix of medium firmness stuff in there as well depending on the options selected.

‘Anal Toys’ will be mostly plugs (or depth toys if you tick that box) unless you order a BIG box, in which case I might toss in some anal safe dildos just for variety.

Color: (priority 3) You won’t get all brown unless you select ‘all brown’ as your color preference. Color preference isn’t a guarantee you will get all metallic or all bright toys, but I will try to honor the colors as much as possible. I normally just toss in as much color variety as I can when left to my own devices. Or if you order 3 other things with the box I’ll choose colors similar to the ones you bought specifically because presumably you already like those colors.


Below are some rough example boxes to give you an idea of what theoretically could be in each box.

A 2 lb box will fit most XL toys + some squishies.

1/2 lb box:

  • 3 small squids and some squishies (normally ~$125+)
  • 1 small dildo and 2 small squids
  • 1 medium dildo and some squishies (normally $85+)
  • 1 large packer, 1 medium packer
  • 4 small packers
  • a shit ton of squishies

3 lb box:

  • 22 small squids
  • 3 medium dildos, 1 small squid and some squishies
  • 1 xl dildo, 1 large dildo (normally ~$250+)
  • 1 xl dildo, 1 medium dildo, 1 small squid, 1 squish (normally ~$260+)

3 lb ocean themed anal toy box:

  • 1 xl squid, 1 large squid, 1 med squid, 1 6″ generic depth toy, 1 small squid, 1 small pudgy tentacle, several squishies (~$390 value)

1 lb random box:

  • 1 medium dildo, 1 small dildo, 2 small plugs

idk why I’m using small squids as a unit of measurement here, but whatever.

Squishies are sold at a lower rate than regular toys intended for bodily use. They are still made of the same silicone and use the same pigments, but they won’t be flopped unless there is something extreme happening with them.

This means that squishies may have small bubbles, pigment clumps, etc in them that won’t be discounted or counted as a flop and won’t be eligible for refunds due to undisclosed flops after delivery.Β These will usually be be noted in the listing description on pre-made items and may show up in dealer’s choice items. Flaws won’t be anything dangerous or messy (like liquid pigment pockets)