Near Clear Info & Care

Near Clear is a variation of skin-safe silicone that’s much clearer / less milky than the ‘regular’ silicone.

There are 2 firmnesses it comes in, but I only use the soft (00-31) version. To me the firmness is somewhere between the regular 00-30 and 00-50.

Please note: there is no option to select Near Clear for most types of customs. It’s typically only available for inclusions and/or color shift pours (which are also not offered all the time).

What you should know prior to purchasing

  • NC has the same skin safe certification as the rest of the silicone used for toys
  • Small pin-prick-like bubbles in base are normal for near clear
  • NC may yellow and/or harden over time
  • NC will get permanently firmer after boiling
  • NC will cloud temporarily after boiling and it may take several hours to return to it’s clearer state
  • NC is more prone to denting (from finger nails, sitting on texture surfaces, etc) than regular silicone
  • Dark colored lubes can stain NC over time
  • Once a rip/tear starts forming, it rips easier than the regular silicones.
  • Matte surfaces on toys will appear cloudier than glossy surfaces, even if both are using the same silicone; over time near clear toys will cloud as they loose their glossy surface finish
  • There is an additional charge for Near Clear because it’s a big pita to work with

Why bother with the stuff?

Well, it works darn nicely for certain inclusions (like they wouldn’t work without Near Clear) and they make color shifting and holo pigments look way more vibrant (which is good, because those are expensive af).