Sunglasses Peen, 35mm Tall


Just a weird tiny desk peen. 35mm Tall.

You can choose if you want the glasses colored or not

Multicolor shafts probably have some goofy color misalignment on them (more visible on sides and back)

Prints without colored glasses may be a random solid color, or they may be covered in random stripes

Peens have a small visible seam in the back of the shaft.

Peen Options

  • Colored Glasses or No? *

  • Shaft Color *

  • Sunglasses Design *

  • How many do you want? *

    Min: 1Max: 50

  • Cost of Extras (1-20) *

  • Cost of Extras (21+) *

Product total

Options total

Grand total


—Discount for 1-20 pieces—

((({product_price}+{field_63799_field_price})*({field_63801}-1))-({field_63801}*({field_63801}*.05))) *WORKS

(price – discount for DC) * (quantity – 1) – (quantity * (quantity*.05 discount for each extra))

—-21+ Discount—-


{price -discount for DC) * (quantity – 1) – ( quantity* ((price – discount for DC) *.2)


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